Attracting IT talent

The end of the university degree era

June 20, 2022

Wondering about how the future of recruitment looks like? Or how to recruit the right skillset for your company in the future? A lot of it comes down to what you can offer as an employer, but you can also increase your chances of attracting the right people by being flexible with defining requirements for your job openings.

Your talent acquisition and recruitment strategy today is what secures your employer of choice position in the future. Acknowledging the importance of employees and their role in the overall success of your company is the first step. But how to find the right people for the job?

We all know there is a huge lack of IT professionals and attracting the right talents can be tough. So if you are an employer who wants to become the employer of choice, there are some things you should consider.

#1. Rewriting your job descriptions

Does your company still have rigid requirements for the position you are trying to fill? The time has come to reconsider.

The global talent shortage is just one of the trends on the rise, especially within the IT sector. It is estimated that it amounts to 40 million skilled workers worldwide, expected to rise up to 82 million by 2030. It is then not surprising that the World Economic Forum predicts that 50% of the employees will require reskilling by 2025. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid losing revenue due to the lack of skilled talent within your company.

To start off, it is important to realize that the educational landscape is continuously changing. University degrees from 5 or 10 years ago might not be as relevant today, if not continuously upskilled. On top of that, the education system is changing to keep up with the technology and new skills required. We live in a world where there are countless opportunities to acquire skills online, available for anyone who is motivated enough to learn. Moreover, certain skills do not require 3-5 years of university education. Many of them are now possible to obtain by shorter and more practical online courses, training, and boot camps.

The earlier you turn your focus in the right direction when hiring new talent, the less you have to worry about matching your new employees’ skillset with the company’s goals.

So, how to choose employees that will benefit your company in the long run? One way to go about this is to reconsider some of your requirements so that you focus more on practical skills rather than merely academic achievements.

#2. Considering the importance of online education

There has been a rise in online education possibilities and a university degree is not the only path towards a job in IT. When the covid pandemic showed us that a university course is sometimes just an overpriced Zoom meeting, many students realized that all they need to learn a new skill is an internet connection and enough willingness to learn. Apart from books and articles, there are many websites focusing on online courses, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, or Udemy, just to name a few.

The fact that Google has been launching its own courses shows how important it is to make IT skills available to everyone. Grow with Google offers professional-level training in IT Support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, and even Android Development. Each course allows students to earn a certificate and helps them make their way into one of the 1,3 million job openings in these fields. According to Google, these courses teach real-world skills that will provide its students with all skills necessary to get the job done. And if Google says so, who are we to argue. To prove their point, Google itself hires people who have earned one of the certificates, and so do more than 100 other companies.

#3 Designing your own online training

If you think that online education programs and possibilities to learn do not cover your specific area, do not get discouraged. There is always a possibility to launch your own training program. This way, you can design courses that teach the niche skills that align with your company's specific needs. Besides, your pool of qualified candidates gets the opportunity to grow within the company - and make your company grow.

But you don't have to just take our word for that. Instead, take a look at what some of the leaders in the industry are doing. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and IBM have their own online education programs.

How does this thinking set you apart?

In an increasingly digitalized world, your current employees can always be upskilled and your future employees can always be reskilled. The way you approach this is by considering candidates who might not have all the required skills now, but with you giving them opportunity and training, might become great assets for you in the future. Willingness to invest in people might be your biggest differentiator.

Long-term thinking is what sets you apart and makes you the employer of choice for all motivated future employees!


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