Scalable Talent Acquisition solution for your growth

We are a global in-house talent acquisition consultancy for fast-growth companies. Our flexible subscription model allows any company to scale efficiently. Connect our experienced consultants within 2 weeks, for as long as you want. 

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Connect Talent Acquisition Consultants

RPO built for growth

Turnaround time
14 days
Reduction in CPH
Average time to hire
20 days
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Talent Acquisition Partners

We partner with international brands helping them to scale by offering our complete RPO solutions around talent acquisition. With the quick, flexible connect and scale methodology, we enable our customers to grow at a fast pace by connecting our dedicated talent partners as a part of their teams for the time needed. 

What we do

RPO / Embedded

Seamless integration. Embed fully our dedicated talent partners as a part of your team for the time needed. Complete subscription based recruitment solution for high growth companies to scale.

Hybrid RPO

Save time, and connect our hybrid model to support specific parts of your recruitment process.

Direct search

Efficient way for single, complex and urgent recruitment needs. From domestic and international recruitments, we will find you the desired candidate with the help of modern recruitment technologies and a large talent pool.

Employer branding

Don’t be shy, let talents know what makes you unique. Social recruitment, attract your target talents and make sure you are the number one option for them. We help you build a stronger brand among passive and active talents.

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Our talent partners can

// Scale your business

// Fill in urgent needs for talented personnel

// Support your in-house team

// Reduce costs for external recruitment agencies

// Build your recruitment function for growth

// Stand out among top talents

// Expand to new markets

// Global Talent Acquisition

// Solve international recruitment challenges

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talent growth partner




Use us as your internal resource. Our consultants join you as a part of your team to enable you to grow. Subscription based recruitment solution for hiring talents and building recruitment.

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Use us as your strategic partner for helping to solve complex and urgent recruitment needs. From remote and onsite team building, finding a new CTO or your new software developer, we will collaborate closely together to find your desired talents.

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Attract domestic and international talents. Don’t be shy, let talents know what you are working with, what is your vision, and what makes your business unique. We help you to build a stronger employer brand among passive and active talents. 

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work with us.

fast track to network and resources

Our network is your network. Get firsthand access to our domestic and international talents. Take the advantage of our talent partner ecosystem, tools, materials, and licenses. We will assist you with global payroll tasks, relocation packages, and other recruitment-related tasks for a seamless hiring experience for you and your future employee.

efficient way to scale

The remote first approach gives us the advantage to react and connect talent consultants with your team on short notice based on your needs. We can support you in several geographical locations simultaneously, on multiple profiles.

flexible partner.

We understand market dynamics and that your business is constantly evolving. Therefore, we always collaborate on flexible terms to ensure you can continuously evaluate your hiring needs and adjust the scope of our cooperation.

hiring top Talents

empower your business

A strong presence in the Nordic market and understanding the international talent market enable us to understand the dynamics and combination of the international and domestic talent market in the Nordics. Our broad talent network from the international market allows us to solve the most complex recruitment assignments.

Thanks to our wide partnership network, our customers can hire talents from abroad within 48h without the need of a local legal entity. If you need talent onsite with your team, we will provide complete relocation services to support your future employee’s smooth relocation transition.