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/ Embedded

Part of your team

Complete recruitment solution for high growth companies. Get our talent acquisition consultants onboarded when you need it, for the time needed. We will make sure that you have the right talent resources to support and grow your business further. We help in a wide range of fields from tech, commercial, IT, engineering to entering into new markets, our Talent Partners are experts who will help you out with recruitment related complexes. 

Fast and efficient recruitment

Remote-first approach gives us the competitive edge to onboard our talent consultant quickly. Our Talent Acquisition consultants are experts in their own fields, with a proven track record. They have the knowledge from top of the industry how to attract and hire best talents from the fields. Our model is framed to support your business in different geographical locations simultaneously. 

Built to scale your team

No more high cost on hirings or any other hidden fees, our fixed monthly subscription fee ensures that you have a scalable solution that supports your high recruitment needs. Our full embedded model includes all hirings, licenses and tools, materials, consultants’ equipment, our networks and industry insights in the fees. 

Hybrid RPO

Flexible recruitment

Part-time recruitment solution. Our talent partner as a part of your team for the time needed. You will have the power to adjust the allocation during our collaboration. 

Add-to your in-house recruitment team

Have a rapid hiring need but lack the time to find, onboard and train recruiters? Need support on specific parts of the recruitment process or guidance to improve your hiring strategy? Our part-time solution is tailored to your specific needs.

Subscription based recruitment

Save time, and scale. Hourly based rates. No hidden fees. All hirings, licenses and tools, materials, consultants’ equipment, our networks and industry insights are included in the hourly fee. 



Executive Hiring

For single, complex and urgent recruitment needs. Domestic or International, our talent researchers will work closely with your hiring managers to ensure you have the right person to succeed in the position. We have closed recruitment assignments from C and VP level to team leads and individual contributors. We maintain a wide domestic and international talent network that enables us to solve most difficult recruitment assignments.

Quality over quantity

We are believers of quality-based execution, where great candidate experience is non-negotiable trade. With direct search our aim is to attract and hire the right fit talent for your organization. We stand behind our work and promise a full guarantee on each headhunting.

Results matter

In the majority of our assignments we work with passive talents. We have the know-how to pivot passive talent to your team. We work proactively on every assignment. We create materials, approach, interview, evaluate and adjust the recruitment process based on feedback from the talent market during the recruitment assignment so that you have your talent placed in a timely manner.

Employer branding

Social Recruitment

Enhance your recruitment. Attract, engage, and build the bridge with your target talents. Whether you are expanding your business into new markets or you want to build a better presence in the domestic market, we create a targeted narrative to your desired audience on different channels to empower your visibility to stand out in the competition.

Tool kit 

We have a wide tool box in different geographical areas to perform paid and organic campaigns for your business. You will have rich options to choose between different forums, channels, social media sites, and job portals. Our experts will help you to ensure that you engage your target talent audience.

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