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A simple solution for recruiting top talents for your open roles. We will find the right people for your needs who are already interested in your company. Instead of spending time on sourcing and contacting, you get to directly meet verified candidates.

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Tell us about your open roles.

2. Get candidate profiles in 1 week

We will get started right away and present first candidates within 7 days.

3. Onboard your new talents

Choose the best candidates and onboard them to your team.

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Customer cases

Senior Full Stack Developer
Helsinki, Finland
Benify logo
Stockholm, Sweden
electrolux logo
Front End Engineer
Helsinki, Finland
Solita logo
Tech Lead
Oslo, Norway
Solita logo
PHP Developer
Helsinki, Finland
Computas logo
Senior Java Developer
Helsinki, Finland
7 days
to receive first candidate profiles

Pricing options

We offer flexible pricing based on your needs and the types of roles you are looking to fill. Choose between a fee based on yearly salary, monthly fee, or get a recruiter on-demand to support you with filling your open roles.

20% of yearly salary

Replacement guarantee for the first 6 months.

2% of yearly salary

Monthly fee for the duration of the employment, maximum 12 months.

Hourly fee

Our TA consultants support you with the search for a flexible amount of time. Pay per hour.

How can we help?

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