The journey begins

Start of Cerecaptio

June 20, 2022

Cerecaptio’s journey started in late July 2020 with a relatively large customer survey, which eventually covered approximately 200 company interviews ranging from different sizes. The idea was to understand the issue that was spoken already for a few years in the local media; How can companies hire IT talents to support their rapid digital transformation and compete in the markets, when the domestic market is having a deficit of these types of expertise?

During the interviews, companies acknowledged that it is problematic to source and hire local talents as these same talents are being attracted daily by many other vendors. Difficult situation. Especially for those, who are smaller and can’t compete with the offerings with industry leaders and matching their high salary levels and benefits packages. It became clear that many companies sourced talents only based on their current locations. Some of the companies tried to reach neighboring countries or they turned to utilize third-party solutions, where freelancers from abroad worked for a certain period for the project. Only a few had experience with international hiring and relocating the expertise to work on-site. Why so? To answer this question it needs to be observed from two different perspectives to understand the fundamental obstacles that companies face.

Obstacle number one, resources.

It can be quite demanding for your in-house team to start talent sourcing beyond the domestic market from scratch. To succeed, it's critical that your in-house team needs to comprehend the market where the desired workforce will be sourced, how to assess these candidates, and develop some kind of strategy around the relocation process. In practice, how person x will be relocated from place ‘a’ to place ‘b’ in the most seeming less way. From the survey, in a few cases, companies had experienced and tried international recruitments. They successfully assessed talents from foreign markets and brought them to work on-site with the team. The only issue was that the person, who was coming from a different culture, sensed culture shock since the company did not prepare the talent before relocation. Thus, doing international recruitment requires a lot of internal resources and expertise. It is a demanding and time-consuming project that requires a lot of internal resources. Companies need to understand that many aspects need to be taken into consideration, otherwise the process will lead to bad or wrong recruitment. Equally important is to understand talents and that they do have a life outside of work. If there is no structured preparation for the working environment and culture, the cultural transmission will become an issue.

Obstacle number two, cultural transmission.

When talents are coming abroad and relocating to a new environment, it requires quite a lot of preparation and understanding from the company’s side. First of all, onboarding to the new culture should be included throughout the interview process. It can be tricky to succeed if talents receive the first information about the company working culture and general information about the society as in the pdf document when the recruitment process has finished. Cerecaptio emphasizes the importance of including cultural aspects from day one when the recruitment process begins so that talents have time to prepare for upcoming changes and proceed with all the information regarding the new environment. Another important aspect is ensuring that the relocation process of the talent and possibly also his or her family should be done seeming less. Thus, that requires time and patience with migration procedures. Equally important is also to comprehend that the company itself needs to prepare that the new talent, coming from different cultural backgrounds will most likely take some time to understand the new environment and responsibilities.

Everyone should have access to desired talents and it should be a simple process.

It was hard to understand why a company is ready to hire someone with lower expertise or even postponing urgent hiring within several months in exchange for potential growth. Companies that are competing in the global markets or are thriving to become international players are still sourcing talents locally. Something was off. This issue needed to be addressed. Having the access and possibilities to talents that match the competencies, even though they might not be located in the same area, the process for hiring and relocating the talent should be accessible to anyone and anytime. Hence, what if there is a partner who understands the international markets, has the different packages for the relocation and orientation process, and does it transparently, with full guarantee included in the process, so that you and your team can focus on the core of the business and ensure potential growth with having the right talents.

We founded Cerecaptio.


We help ambitious companies scale to their full potential by offering consultancy and talent services, built with competence in mind.

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