What is RPO - Recruitment process outsourcing

and what are the benefits as a recruitment solution

June 20, 2022

If your organization is seeing rapid growth via hiring, Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO may be a term and an acronym you’re familiar with. If it’s unfamiliar to you, welcome. Today we will go over what RPO stands for, what some of the benefits are and how you can find the right RPO services for your organization.

According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA, yes it’s a real thing) “Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment process to an external service provider.” We threw a bit of a complex statement at you right away (and another acronym), but let’s break down what this means exactly.

With a RPO in place, your organization’s recruiting needs are covered. The RPO assumes ownership; overseeing, managing and taking responsibility for the hiring processes. In this way or via a hybrid or flexible RPO model, the RPO becomes your complete recruitment solution while providing a range of benefits.

The benefits of hiring an RPO

There are many benefits to hiring a RPO to meet and exceed your recruiting needs. Here are a few of the main benefits.


With the great resignation underway, hiring practices need to be top notch in order to entice top talent. With a range of technologies on the market to aid in recruiting and hiring practices, one might think that any business can succeed on their own. However, the pricing of many of these technologies make it so they are unaffordable to most companies. But by bringing in an RPO, they have access to these products and the price of the service they provide is less than purchasing the product on their own. This way your organization is not stuck paying a subscription to recruiting software they may only need every now and then.


Hiring a service may not always seem like the cheaper option when compared to DIY, but in this instance hiring a RPO is a cost effective move. Recruiters are talented at finding and recruiting high quality talent. These candidates are more likely to stay longer with the company and provide a faster and greater impact on the organization. Further the amount of time finding these candidates is less, providing a faster time to hire turnaround time and thus a lower cost per hire.


Whatever your organization's hiring needs may be, the RPO you speak with will have the solution to match your problem. RPO’s can join and be an extension of your organization, taking ownership of the full recruitment package or if your needs are less, you can hire on a Hybrid RPO to handle only specific parts of your recruiting process. Further RPO’s can be specialized in hiring specific types of talent. Additionally, RPO’s are able to scale in order to meet the recruiting demands of your organization. While your organization may have only a few HR employees dedicated to your hiring processes, a RPO has a full team of talent acquisition specialists that will scale to suit your needs. So if you determine one month that you will need to hire more people, the RPO can expand their staff to meet the demand. With a RPO in place your organization can customize their hiring process to find the specific talent they need within your timeline.

Finding the right RPO

It's been said that the number one reason companies win, lose or fail is in direct correlation to who they hire. So leaving the hiring process up to a team that is knowledgeable about hiring the top talents in your specific industry is paramount. This is what you are doing by hiring a RPO.

But how can you find the RPO that’s right for your business? First of all, search for a RPO that has a history of niche talent acquisition. These recruiters know this industry and what to look for when hiring talent into it. This way your organization is ensured to find the right fit for your open position. Further, seek out a RPO that has worked with other companies in your industry. You can either ask this question during your initial discussions or view their success stories.


If you’re here reading this, then no doubt you’re likely seeking out a RPO for your recruitment needs. Here at Cerecaptio we are a complete recruitment solution for your company. We partner with international brands and help them to scale up by connecting our dedicated talent partners as part of your team for as long as needed. Or you can select which areas of the recruitment process you need the most assistance with. With Cerecaptio in place, our partners have seen a fast recruitment turnaround time of 14 days, a reduction of cost per hire of 54% and an average time to hire of just 20 days. If you have recruitment needs, contact us. We exist to make recruitment easy.


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