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part of your Team

Get our talent consultant or a recruitment team onboarded when you need it and for the time you need it.

scalable Solution

Pay only per worked hours. No additional costs on hirings, or any other fees. Utilize our tools, materials, and networks to get the job done.


Our remote-first approach gives us the competitive edge to onboard our talent consultants quickly. We can support your business in different geographical locations simultaneously.

strategic partner


network & resources

We have a wide network of domestic and international talents making it possible to broaden the scope of our search and solve specific and difficult recruitment assignments.


Our focus lies on quality-based execution. We don’t focus on volumes, our aim is to attract, and hire the right fit candidates for your team. We stand behind our work and promise a full guarantee on each recruitment.  


All our project-based assignments follow our proactive approach. We approach, interview, evaluate, and adjust the recruitment assignment based on feedback from the talent market during the recruitment process so that your case will be solved in a timely manner.

we make you visible


social Recruitment

Attract, engage, and build connections from both short and long-term perspectives. We build a targeted narrative to your desired audience on different channels to empower your visibility among talents. Whether you are expanding your business into new markets or you want to build a better presence in the domestic market.


Wide options between different forums, channels, social media sites, and job portals. Organic and paid. Short and long-term. 

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